The Secret of My Success


Time Out says

In this, the ultimate yuppie wish-fulfilment movie, Fox plays an enterprising post-room boy who, simply by reading the mail which passes through his hands, devises a brilliant scheme for streamlining his rich uncle's multinational corporation. On his way up the ladder of success, Fox catches the eye of attractive fellow-executive Helen Slater, but also suffers the unwelcome amorous advances of his boss' wife - whose husband is in turn involved in a clandestine office affair with the capable Ms Slater. So far, so neat. But as the action shifts from boardroom to bedroom, the film degenerates into a silly bed-hopping farce, and the corporate back-stabbing gets filed away until the final reel, when the whole thing is resolved by a wave of the wicked wife's magic wand. The same old capitalist fairytale, in other words.


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Herbert Ross
Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr, AJ Carothers
Michael J Fox
Helen Slater
Richard Jordan
Margaret Whitton
John Pankow
Christopher Murney
Fred Gwynne
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