The Set-Up


Time Out says

One for the Ten Best lists. This is the boxing movie to lick all others, with Ryan impeccable as the ageing fighter gearing up for a bout he's expected to lose; Audrey Totter leaving him because she can't stand the mental and physical battering of the fight business, wandering the streets amid snatches of ringside radio commentary; and an invading sense of desolation the result. Great blue moments in black-and-white from a director whose early work is still outstanding: the film burns with the humanity that Raging Bull never quite achieves, an expression of masochism mixed with futile pride that is the essence of boxing as a movie myth.


Release details

72 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Wise
Art Cohn
Robert Ryan
Audrey Totter
George Tobias
Alan Baxter
Wallace Ford
Percy Helton
Darryl Hickman
James Edwards
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