The Seven Minutes


Time Out says

Based on Irving Wallace's novel about a pornography trial, with much ado around a politically-motivated attempt to link a murder to the supposedly corrupting influence of a book condemned as obscene on its publication thirty years earlier. This is Russ Meyer's dullest film, because it abandons his usually salacious tone to attempt a 'serious' attack on the American version of the Mary Whitehouse brigade. Curious only for its unwitting fag-end-of-the-'60s proof that moralists and pornographers are equally appalled by the prospect of sexual liberation.


Release details

115 mins

Cast and crew

Russ Meyer
Richard Warren Lewis
Wayne Maunder
Marianne McAndrew
Yvonne De Carlo
Philip Carey
Jay C Flippen
Edy Williams
Lyle Bettger
Ron Randell
John Carradine
Tom Selleck
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