The Seven-Per-Cent Solution


Time Out says

Conan Doyle's description of Holmes' ultimate struggle with Moriarty, The Final Problem, was written with such a quasi-religious intensity that it was a sacred text of popular fiction until 1974, when Nicholas Meyer conceived that the story had been written to disguise both Holmes' cocaine dependency and his encounter with Freud in Vienna. As a book, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution was a pertinent pastiche. As a film, it is an almost unrelievedly insipid costume drama. Once the basic coup of teaming Holmes (Williamson) and Freud (Arkin) has been achieved, the 'mystery' simply degenerates into a spectacularly silly chase across Europe, blandly staged and staggeringly boring. The whole cast appear to be struggling, and ultimately it's camp whodunit.

By: DP


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Herbert Ross
Nicholas Meyer
Alan Arkin
Vanessa Redgrave
Robert Duvall
Nicol Williamson
Laurence Olivier
Joel Grey
Samantha Eggar
Jeremy Kemp
Charles Gray
Georgia Brown
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