The Seven Year Itch

Film, Comedy
The Seven Year Itch

Time Out says

Fondly remembered as the film in which Marilyn has problems with her skirt on a New York subway grating, this isn't quite the smasheroo that Some Like It Hot is: Monroe flaunts her attributes too blatantly, and seems less human because of it, while George Axelrod's play, fresh and risqué in the '50s, now appears a little obvious and over-plotted. Writer Tom Ewell's wife goes on a summer vacation, and the timid hubby becomes a flaming ball of sex, but - as with most Axelrod heroes (Roddy McDowall in Lord Love a Duck, Jack Lemmon in How to Murder Your Wife) - it's all in the mind.

By: GB


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Billy Wilder
George Axelrod, Billy Wilder
Oscar Homolka
Carolyn Jones
Marilyn Monroe
Evelyn Keyes
Sonny Tufts
Victor Moore
Robert Strauss
Tom Ewell
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