The Seventh Victim

Film, Drama

Time Out says

What other movie opens with Satanism in Greenwich Village, twists into urban paranoia, and climaxes with a suicide? Val Lewton, Russian emigré workaholic, fantasist, was one of the mavericks of Forties' Hollywood, a man who produced (never directed) a group of intelligent and offbeat chillers for next-to-nothing at RKO. All bear his personal stamp: dime-store cinema transformed by 'literary' scripts, ingenious design, shadowy visuals, brooding melancholy, and a tight rein over the direction. The Seventh Victim is his masterpiece, a brooding melodrama built around a group of Satanists. The bizarre plot involves an orphan (Hunter) searching for her death-crazy sister (Brooks), but also carries a strong lesbian theme, and survives some uneven cameos; the whole thing is held together by a remarkably effective mix of menace and metaphysics - half noir, half Gothic.

By: CA


Release details

71 mins

Cast and crew

Mark Robson
Charles O'Neal, DeWitt Bodeen
Erford Gage
Jean Brooks
Hugh Beaumont
Isabel Jewell
Elizabeth Russell
Ben Bard
Kim Hunter
Evelyn Brent
Tom Conway
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