The Sharks' Cave

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

The pulse of any trash addict must pound over the idea behind this fin film (molto cheapo), where the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle are explained in terms of killer sharks controlled by tiny Toltec aquanauts. Hapless, scantily-outfitted divers keep running across their underwater city (made out of fish-bowl decorations), Arthur Kennedy plays a threatening Mafioso much as Truman Capote might, and the planes and ships which founder in the Triangle are obviously toys. The powers of the Toltecs ('ultimately inexplicable', thanks to the low budget) are symbolised by orgasmic moans. There is one great totally unexplained scene, with a cruiser full of hippies, looking like a floating detoxification project, who commit mass suicide by jumping over the side.


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Anthony Richmond Teodoro Ricci
Fernando Galiana, Manrico Melchiorre, Teodoro Ricci
Andrés Garcia
Janet Agren
Arthur Kennedy
Pino Colizzi
Maximo Valverde
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