The Shooting Party


Time Out says

Infidelity, class exploitation, and mindless male competitiveness pepper this adaptation of Isabel Colegate's novel, set just before the First World War, when an assortment of toffs gather for pheasant shooting and post-prandial charades. The producer obviously spent a small fortune acquiring the excellent cast, and the film evokes the period admirably, especially through a series of cut-ins anticipating the coming European carnage. But the attack on the values of the time is ultimately far too glossy and toothless.

By: CS


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Alan Bridges
Julian Bond
James Mason
Edward Fox
Dorothy Tutin
John Gielgud
Gordon Jackson
Cheryl Campbell
Robert Hardy
Aharon Ipal
Rebecca Saire
Sarah Badel
Rupert Frazer
Judi Bowker
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