The Sign of the Cross

Film, Drama

Time Out says

A prologue tacked on in 1944 ludicrously attempts to link the Allies' advance over Italy to the dreadful happenings in Nero's time. But history was always a plaything to DeMille, useful only as a surefire way of offering up sex, violence and visual spectacle under the guise of cultural and moral enlightenment. And this slice of 'history' has it all: Laughton's implicitly gay Nero fiddling away while an impressive miniature set burns, Colbert bathing up to her nipples in asses' milk, Christians and other unfortunates thrown to a fearsome menagerie, much suggestive slinking about in Mitchell Leisen's costumes, much general debauchery teetering between the sadistic and the erotic. Not for people with scruples.

By: GB


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

Cecil B DeMille
Waldemar Young, Sidney Buckman
Fredric March
Elissa Landi
Charles Laughton
Claudette Colbert
Ian Keith
Vivian Tobin
Nat Pendleton
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