The Signs


Time Out says

Thirty three minutes spent in Eugene Green’s remarkable filmic world brings with it the richness and insight one would look very hard to find in most features, let alone the world as it is currently configured. A visionary in his exploration of perennial philosophies via an almost ecstatic scrutiny of objects, faces and environments, Green here takes a photographic triptych as a springboard for a beautiful and profound examination of longing and loss. Bringing to film the extraordinary scrutiny of Italian still-life painter Giorgio Morandi and the heart-won wisdoms of Flaubert, ‘The Signs’ is both about a vigil for a man lost at sea and a beacon fire in its own right, keeping alive a search for what truly matters.

By: Gareth Evans



Release details

33 mins

Cast and crew

Eugène Green
Eugène Green
Christelle Prot
Mathieu Amalric
Achille Trocellier
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