The Silence of the Hams

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

The US debut of Italy's favourite television comedian, Ezio Greggio, in which trainee FBI agent Jo Dee Fostar (Zane) encounters characters called Sharon Bone, Dr Animal Cannibal Pizza (an incarcerated psychiatrist who ate his patients in a pizzeria after closing time), and Inspector Putrid, is a wholly redundant exercise. The vogue for this flimflam is to forget pointed satire and instead recycle old plots in knowingly cack-handed fashion, along with some blunt physical comedy.

By: NB


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Ezio Greggio
Ezio Greggio
Billy Zane
Phyllis Diller
Ezio Greggio
Dom DeLuise
Joanna Pacula
Charlene Tilton
Martin Balsam
Shelley Winters
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