The Silent Cry


Time Out says

The title recalls Münch, but the film could almost be a radicalised Resnais project. Dwoskin traces the history of a woman dominated from childhood by male definition of her 'place'. She's trapped within a series of reflections of her image, which the film explores in an obsessive forward-and-backward movement that ranges over memory, fantasy, and 'the presentation of self in everyday life'. Although highly fragmented, this constructs a fuller narrative than any of Dwoskin's earlier features; but the narrative line is constantly disorganised by the disturbance of childhood memory and speech. An impressive renewal of the concerns that had been preoccupiying Dwoskin for nearly a decade.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Stephen Dwoskin
Stephen Dwoskin, Bobby Gill
Ernst Brightmore
Bobby Gill
Harry Waistnage
Mary Rose
Beatrice Cordua
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