The Singing Ringing Tree

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

Princess Thousandbeauty (Bodelstein) learns kindness and humility when her scornful treatment of a princely suitor (Dux) renders him victim to a cruel spell and transforms her into an ugly hag. Only the legendary singing ringing tree has the power to assess her passage into maturity, and will mark the event with a tune. The story is conveyed with an appealing simplicity; deep, rich hues in clothing and production design overcome budgetary limitations, and effects are kept to a minimum. Betrayal, deceit, jealousy, forgiveness and love - what more do you expect out of a 73-minute children's fairytale?


Release details

73 mins

Cast and crew

Francesco Stefani
Francesco Stefani, Anne Geelhaer
Charles-Hans Vogt
Christel Bodenstein
Eckart Dux
Richard Kruger
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