The Sixth Happiness


Time Out says

Firdaus Kanga, born in Bombay, was different three times over: gay, disabled and a Parsee. His fictionalised autobiography, Trying to Grow, was a hilarious account of a kid with bones as brittle as clay pots, but a spirit stronger than steel. This adaptation conveys the book's joie de vivre and most particularly its gloriously non-PC take on the subject. Kanga wrote the screenplay, plays the lead and also does pieces to camera commenting on the action. Astonishingly, he pulls off all three with aplomb, assisted by a strong cast - notably Souad Faress as his mother. Waris Hussein's direction uses some interesting tricks without being tricksy. A witty film: perspicacious and generous in its gaze.

By: AJ


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Waris Hussein
Firdaus Kanga
Firdaus Kanga
Souad Faress
Khodus Wadia
Nina Wadia
Ahsen Bhatti
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