The Slumber Party Massacre

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Amy Jones, an editor without much of a track record, talked her way on to the picture by providing Roger Corman with a sample reel at her own expense, a very Corman-like strategy. Despite the unlikely script credit for Rita Mae Brown, Jones's debut feature is little more than a Halloween clone, reliant on buckets of blood and sudden surprise rather than suspense. As the title subtly hints, sleep-over cuties fall victim to malicious prankster boyfriends and the usual psycho with a power tool. The movie is in and out in less than 90 minutes, made a stack of money, spawned rip-offs of its own, and Jones was rewarded with Love Letters the following year.

By: DO


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Amy Jones
Rita Mae Brown
Michele Michaels
Robin Stille
Michael Villela
Debra DeLiso
Andree Honore
Gina Mari
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