The South of a Passion


Time Out says

Perennial dreams of escape meet the equally persistent realities of social and emotional stasis, as a young woman passes first through failed and shallow encounters with men, and then into financial entrapment to reduce the debts of her drunken musician father to a second-rate club owner. A potent atmosphere of sterility, blankness and shutdown pervades the locales - boarding hotels, tango bars and destitute apartments. The closing intimations of success, albeit at a cost, might acknowledge that we all prostitute ourselves in the market to a degree just to get by, but it's a late victory, even if it's not an entirely convincing one, wrestled from a brooding tale of tawdry hopes knocked back.

By: GE


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Cristina Fasulino
Cristina Fasulino
Analía Couceyro
Isis Krüger
Gabriel Molinelli
Ingrid Pelicori
Ruben Szuchmacher
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