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Time Out says

Stallone is Ray Quick, a bomb-disposal expert with a difference: it's people he disposes of. Not indiscriminately, mind you. He can 'control his explosions, shape his charges' - which must be why May Munro (Stone) decides he's just the man to execute her revenge on half a dozen Cuban sleazeballs (played by the likes of Roberts and Steiger). Cast as a security expert hired by the sleazeballs, Woods clearly knows trash when he's in it: conjuring up a spellbinding sequence out of a gram of Semtex and a ballpoint pen, or hilariously scandalising a funeral congregation, he has a bite and gusto at odds with the vacuity of almost everything else going on around him.


Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Luis Llosa
Alexandra Seros
Sylvester Stallone
Sharon Stone
James Woods
Rod Steiger
Eric Roberts
Mario Ernesto Sanchez
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