The Stepmother


Time Out says

A building contractor (Rey) strangles his wife Margo's lover and while burying the body sees a a man beating up a Mexican girl who's later murdered. A cop (Anderson) fits the jigsaw together. Producer/director Avedis (who later answered to the first name Howard) scripted this overheated Southern California thriller: punctuated by ugly freeze shots, the plot trudges in a straight line, while striving to give the impression of twisting in the Chandler manner, and comes to a bloodstained conclusion when Margo (Justice) is discovered in bed (in almost forgotten justification of the come-on title) with her college stepson.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Hikmet Avedis
Hikmet Avedis
Alejandro Rey
John Anderson
Katherine Justice
Larry Linville
Marlene Schmidt
Duncan MacLeod
Rudy Herrera Jr
John D Garfield
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