The Stewardess


Time Out says

Throwing most of the genres going, from comedy to thriller via horror and cultish eccentricity, into the wok of pulpish parody, Sam Leong's stir-fry Stewardess is easily digestible late-night fare, enlivened by the spice of slick visuals, sharp editing and a sprinkling of effects. Sam Lee is the failing, flustered screenwriter who falls for delectable Apple, daughter of Triad boss Nine Dragons. He then spends the night with sexy stewardess neighbour Yurei. Nine Dragons threatens violence, which is as nothing before Yurei's attentions, she being somewhat haunted. Pastiches of Wong Kar-Wai and the Ring series punctuate the action, but the chill atmospherics are undermined by a predominantly comic inflection. The film's also remarkably coy, which stalls the narrative's basic engine of desire.

By: GE


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Sam Leong
Sam Leong
Sam Lee Chan-sam
Lee Shan Shan
Wayne Lai Yiu-cheung
Lam Suet
Michael Chan Wai-man
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