The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan


Time Out says

Despite the importance of Gilbert and Sullivan as an English institution, the lives of two such solidly respectable Victorians offer little in the way of dramatic excitement. Fortunately Launder and Gilliat are able to burrow deep into their scriptwriting past, coming up with a whole galaxy of tricks and devices to fill out the flimsy narrative and overcome the obstacle of obligatory slabs of operetta, producing a chocolate-box extravaganza where less hardy professionals would have made a celebratory mess. They're helped by some splendid performances, particularly from Morley, amazingly effective as Gilbert once he's able to channel his exuberant eccentricity into pathos rather than caricature.

By: RMy


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Sidney Gilliat
Sidney Gilliat, Leslie Baily
Robert Morley
Maurice Evans
Peter Finch
Eileen Herlie
Martyn Green
Dinah Sheridan
Isabel Dean
Wilfrid Hyde-White
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