The Stranglers of Bombay


Time Out says

One of Hammer and Terence Fisher's most notorious and Sadean horror movies, about the thuggee atrocities in India in the 1820s. Guy Rolfe battles against a fatal sect of Kali worshippers whose mascot is a sexy teenager called Karim (Devereux). As men have their tongues pulled out or are castrated, Karim drools and wriggles so much that the film became a cult sensation on the continent and was cut in England. Actually, it isn't at all bad, even on a straight adventure level, and the Karim figure remains one of the purest incarnations of evil in all of Fisher's work. Be prepared for a few laughs, though, as rural Bucks is substituted for the sweltering plains of India.

By: DP


Release details

80 mins

Cast and crew

Terence Fisher
David Zelag Goodman
Guy Rolfe
Allan Cuthbertson
Andrew Cruickshank
George Pastell
Marne Maitland
Marie Devereux
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