The Stroller in the Attic


Time Out says

Exceptionally pervy sexploitation movie from the first flowering of the Nikkatsu company's 'roman-porno' (romantic-pornographic) genre. A merely decadent exposition (landlord spies on bizarre erotic activities of his tenants in 1920s Tokyo) leads into a seriously pathological drama (landlord and aristo tenant team up for a series of thrill kills), climaxing with a vision of the 1923 Kanto earthquake (which wiped out the city) as the ultimate fusion of Eros and Thanatos. The perversity derives in part from the source story by Edogawa Ranpo (the Japanese 'Edgar Allan Poe'), but Tanaka was the right director for the job: less a skin merchant than a connoisseur of the extremist frisson.

By: TR


Release details

76 mins

Cast and crew

Noboru Tanaka
Akio Ido
Junko Miyashita
Renji Ishibashi
Hiroshi Cho
Tokuko Watanabe
Yasuji Yashiro
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