The Stunt Man

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Lacking the innocence of Rush's previous work, this is also short on the really sardonic wit that its storyline (based on Paul Brodeur's novel) demands. A young Vietvet on the run (Railsback) tumbles onto the location of an all-action World War I epic, and falls into uneasy partnership with the movie's imperious, soliloquising director, O'Toole. That piece of casting is driven home with a sledgehammer insistence, while Railsback's engagingly twitchy performance - as the new stuntman filling in for a dead predecessor - is passed over in favour of more 'serious' themes. The result is a movie filled with gags and excellent stunts which remains curiously humourless at heart. Stunted, not stunning.


Release details

130 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Rush
Lawrence B Marcus
Peter O'Toole
Barbara Hershey
Steve Railsback
Sharon Farrell
John Garwood
Allen Garfield
Alex Rocco
Adam Roarke
Chuck Bail
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