The Supergrass


Time Out says

Pretending to be a drugs-smuggler in order to impress a girlfriend, naive and boorish young Dennis (Edmondson) finds himself in a pickle when eavesdropping cops refuse to believe in his innocence. Agreeing to inform on non-existent villains, he is carted off to the West Country by surly sergeant (Richardson) and WPC (Saunders), themselves troubled lovers in a state of perpetual jealousy. This first feature by the talented Comic Strip mines much the same vein as their TV work, gently parodying genre while revelling in absurdly petty characters indulging daft dreams of self-importance. The thriller context barely thrills, and at times the material seems stretched perilously thin, but there are some wonderful characters and glorious moments.

By: GA


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson, Pete Richens
Adrian Edmondson
Jennifer Saunders
Peter Richardson
Dawn French
Keith Allen
Nigel Planer
Robbie Coltrane
Alexei Sayle
Michael Elphick
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