The Swissmakers


Time Out says

Lyssy’s essentially fond, humane parody of cuckoo-clock Switzerland, in which an amiable young bureaucrat has to snoop on immigrants to see if they are ‘suitable’ for Swiss citizenship. British political parallels immediately spring to mind, but the humour here is more slapstick than documentary, so Love and Liberalism carry the day with little difficulty. Not exactly sophisticated (and the camerawork leaves something to be desired), but infinitely preferable to the forced, jangling misanthropy of the Italian Bread and Chocolate in dealing with the same subject.

By: CA


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Rolf Lyssy
Rolf Lyssy, Christa Maerker
Walo Löönd
Emil Steinberger
Wolfgang Stendar
Beatrice Kessler
Hilde Ziegler
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