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Time Out says

Revealing missive (written, produced and co-narrated by Naomi Klein) from Argentina, where sometime workers have been reacting to the mess of the Menem years and his self-destructive neoliberal model economy (El Modelo, as it’s known) by expropriating disused factories and restarting the machines under their own command, thereby offering grassroots anti-globalisers a model of their own. Compelling in the first half, when interviews with the can-do cooperative workers of Zanon Ceramics and their very prodigal ex-boss offer a vision of a real-life version of Renoir’s ‘Le Crime de Monsieur Lange’, the film tails off into pressing but unresolved questions about the democratic efficacy of Argentina’s electoral system and judiciary.

By: NB


Release details

Release date:
Friday May 20 2005
87 mins

Cast and crew

avi lewis
Naomi Klein
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