The Target Shoots First

Film, Documentaries

Time Out says

Needing cash to pay the rent, 22-year-old Wilcha, an assistant product manager (music marketing), took his camcorder (a graduation present) into Columbia House, the biggest music mail-order firm in the US, and emerged with the raw materials - footage and experience - for this home video essay on corporate office culture and the mainstream assimilation of rebel culture. The wayward trajectory of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain's time in the public eye provide a backbone to the diary story - it was Nirvana's appeal to the alienated that Wilcha was brought in to harness. There's little here that comes as a surprise, and more analytical depth would have helped the film, but as personal testimony, it's sympathetic and honest.


Release details

70 mins

Cast and crew

Christopher Wilcha
Christopher Wilcha
Christopher Wilcha
Rick Hunt
John S Wilcha
Steven Tyler
David Hasselhoff
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