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The Titan Find


Time Out says

On Saturn's moon Titan a long-dormant creature is hatched and proceeds to mistake US mineral prospectors for breakfast. Unlike the scriptwriters, the miners haven't seen Alien and therefore make themselves available for squishing and scrunching in the traditional one-at-a-time manner. The sole survivor of a rival German crew is none other than Klaus Kinski who, though, confers his presence only briefly. But it would be unfair to dismiss this as an Alien rip-off because after an hour of being just that, one of the remaining uneaten dinners remembers seeing The Thing from Another World so they recycle that plot instead. Much of the picture is played in close-up and dimly lit, to distract us from the cheap sets and electronic hardware scavanged, by the look of it, from an industrial dumpster.

Release Details

  • Duration:97 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:William Malone
  • Screenwriter:William Malone, Alan Reed
  • Cast:
    • Stan Ivar
    • Wendy Schaal
    • Lyman Ward
    • Robert Jaffe
    • Diane Salinger
    • Annette McCarthy
    • Klaus Kinski
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