The Train

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Discount some self-conscious talk about Art as a national heritage, as well as clumsy dubbing of the supporting cast, and you have a rattling good thriller about a World War II German general (Scofield) determined to flee Paris just before the liberation with a trainload of Impressionist paintings. One obsession runs headlong into another as a French railway inspector (Lancaster), once unwillingly started out in opposition, finds he cannot stop, and must go on finding new ways and means of delaying the train for an hour here, a day there. In Frankenheimer's hands, the whole paraphernalia of trains, tracks and shunting yards acquires an almost hypnotic fascination as the screen becomes a giant chessboard on which huge metallic pawns are manoeuvred, probing for some fatal weakness but seemingly engaged in some deadly primeval struggle.


Release details

140 mins

Cast and crew

John Frankenheimer
Franklin Coen, Walter Bernstein, Frank Davis
Burt Lancaster
Paul Scofield
Wolfgang Preiss
Charles Millot
Michel Simon
Howard Vernon
Suzanne Flon
Jeanne Moreau
Albert Rémy
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