The Traveling Executioner


Time Out says

More a grotesque theatrical farce than a black comedy: Jonas Candide (Keach) travels the American South of 1918, hiring out his electric chair at 100 bucks a throw, but loses his omnipotence when he falls for his first lady 'victim' (Hill), and starts conniving to save her. It works best as - and is worth seeing for - an extravagant, outsize performance from Keach, a mixture of trash rhetoric, sinister dedication, and fairground showmanship. But what it desperately needs is a director capable of anchoring the fantasy in recognisable human realities.

By: TR


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Jack Smight
Garrie Bateson
Stacy Keach
Marianna Hill
Bud Cort
Graham Jarvis
James J Sloyan
M Emmet Walsh
John Bottoms
Ford Rainey
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