The Treatment

Film, Thrillers
4 out of 5 stars

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4 out of 5 stars

Jake Singer, played by Chris Eigeman (one of the young stars of Metropolitan 17 years ago), is a man stuck in a bad relationship. Not with his girlfriend; she’s already dumped him. Jake, a prickly New York prep-school instructor, keeps his date, week after week, with Dr. Ernesto Morales (Holm), the self-proclaimed “last great Freudian”—a wardenlike therapist who badgers and bullies Jake with a pitiless rectitude. “You make from the world a banal comedy,” he dryly informs his patient.

The Treatment is a comedy too, but far from banal. Based on the novel by Daniel Menaker, and cleverly directed by Oren Rudavsky (best known for documentaries such as Hiding and Seeking), the film works familiar territory—the romantic lives of neurotic well-educated New Yorkers—yet never feels stale. When Jake meets Allegra (Janssen), an attractive young widow with two small children, he finds himself falling in love, and for once resisting the advice of Dr. Morales, who suddenly begins materializing when Jake’s on the toilet or in bed with Allegra—a nightmarish superego sprung to life. If the unyielding high beam shone by Dr. Morales is self-knowledge, might we all be better off left in the dark? (Opens Fri; Click here for venues.)



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