The Trip to Bountiful


Time Out says

Jessie Mae (Glynn) refuses her mother-in-law (Page) her one pleasure in life: singing hymns. The doughty old lady lights out for a sentimental journey to her birthplace and her past, meeting all kinds of decent friendly folks along the way. Scripted by Horton Foote from his own play, this is a fragile blend of moods and memories with one solid showcase role for a skilled actress. Geraldine Page seizes her chance, though she is too generous to swamp the supporting players. Masterson's images of small-town America are imbued with a luminous and melancholy nostalgia, but otherwise the film is not mounted with any special imagination, and its fusty, old-fashioned (not to say reactionary) lauding of homespun values sticks in the craw.


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Masterson
Horton Foote
Geraldine Page
John Heard
Carlin Glynn
Richard Bradford
Rebecca De Mornay
Kevin Cooney
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