The Tuxedo

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Bestowing special powers on the wearer, the titular garment belongs to secret agent and playboy millionaire Clark Devlin (Isaacs). His mission? To investigate the deliberate pollution of the world's water supply to boost sales of bottled water. When Devlin is temporarily put out of commission, it falls to his chauffeur Jimmy Tong to step into the driving suit and save the world. Working for Dreamworks now, Chan swops sidekick Chris Tucker for Heartbreakers babe Hewitt as rookie Del Blaine, but it's difficult to believe that Jimmy could get anorexic Del to fall for him. The laughs are stricty rationed. And even the sight of Jackie knocking out James Brown hardly raises a smile. Chan is charming, funny, daring and still able to put together peerless stunts, but he's lumbered here with a daft story, poor script, terrible continuity and little space to do what he does best.

By: JFu


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Kevin Donovan
Michael J Wilson, Michael Leeson
Jackie Chan
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jason Isaacs
Debi Mazar
Ritchie Coster
Peter Stormare
Mia Cottet
Romany Malco
Daniel Kash
Bob Balaban
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