The Unborn

1 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

1 out of 5 stars
David S Goyer’s non-kosher riff on ‘The Exorcist’ is stillborn, as was its heroine Casey’s twin brother, strangled in utero by her umbilical cord. But now the latest in an infected bloodline to be possessed by a dybbuk (a spirit) wants to be born. It all began with her grandma’s experience at the hands of  Nazi eugenicists, and now college girl Casey (Odette Yustman) must ‘finish what began in Auschwitz’.

One of her brown eyes turns Aryan blue and she is compelled to pad around in her underwear. Her sensitive boyfriend (Cam Gigandet) and sassy girlfriend (Meagan Good) can’t help, so Casey asks a rabbi (an embarrassed Gary Oldman) to rid her of this evil spirit.
Goyer throws everything at this preposterous plot – a demonic child, spooky mirrors, a rabid dog with an upside-down head and an exorcism conducted in Hebrew. It’s almost too silly to be offensive. Almost, but not quite.

By: Nigel Floyd



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