The Unidentified Flying Oddball

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

An intelligent film with a cohesive plot and an amusing script, this is one of the better Disney attempts to hop on the sci-fi bandwagon. Based on Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, it has a strong cast of British character actors who keep things ticking over nicely, and sweeten the rather depressingly obvious opening at NASA, where a freak accident sends Dugan and his lookalike robot back in time. Arthur (More) and Gawain (Le Mesurier) are rather touchingly portrayed as friends who have grown old together and, no longer really capable of holding the reins, are being jostled for power by evil Sir Mordred (Dale), abetted by the wicked Merlin (Moody). The final 'big battle' is fought with imaginative special effects, no blood is shed, good triumphs, love is requited, and peace once more reigns in good King Arthur's green and pleasant land.

By: FF


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Russ Mayberry
Don Tait
Dennis Dugan
Jim Dale
Ron Moody
Kenneth More
John Le Mesurier
Rodney Bewes
Sheila White
Robert Beatty
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