The Verdict

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Newman as a washed-up lawyer, given one last chance to prove himself with a rather squalid medical malpractice suit. David Mamet has delivered a fast-paced, eloquent, and suspenseful screenplay which, like all the best genre movies, plunges its hero so far into the abyss that it seems impossible for him to climb out. And for once Lumet makes story rather than performance his first priority, with the paradoxical result - so familiar in American movies - that the acting sometimes reaches a near-invisible perfection. Admittedly this is a legal Rocky, convincing rather than realistic, witty rather than analytical, but it amounts to a far more effective indictment of the US legal system than ...and justice for all, and is the first courtroom drama in years to recapture the brilliance of the form.


Release details

128 mins

Cast and crew

Sidney Lumet
David Mamet
Roxanne Hart
Lindsay Crouse
James Mason
Wesley Addy
Julie Bovasso
Charlotte Rampling
Milo O'Shea
Paul Newman
Edward Binns
Jack Warden
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