The Village Has No Walls


Time Out says

Into the 1940s Maharashtra village comes a fledgling teacher on a mission from the Raja to provide the local children with an education. It takes time for him to win the elders' confidence; to persuade the shepherd villagers to spare their children for lessons; to allay fears that he's after their women; to overcome the jealous threats of one inhospitable local; to come to terms with traditional disciplines and superstitions - until eventually he finds himself an indispensible part of the community. This leisurely, well-populated film has ethnological and historical interest, but as drama it rather saps one's patience. (Adapted by Vynakatesh Madgulkar from his own famous 1953 Marathi novel.


Release details

130 mins

Cast and crew

Amol Palekar
Madgulkar Vyankatesh
Chandrakant Madray
Adhishree Athray
Chandrakant Kulkarni