The Violent Kind

Film, Horror
1 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

1 out of 5 stars
Like ‘The Hamiltons’ and ‘April Fool’s Day’, the Butcher brothers’ third movie is a mess of half-digested influences: in this case, ’70s biker films, possession movies, cod-Lynchian ’50s weirdness and brain-sucking sci-fi. A biker birthday party ends badly when sex bomb Michelle (Tiffany Shepis) staggers in covered in blood and speaking gruffly. With the ‘possessed’ Michelle strapped to a bed, biker gang leader Q (Bret Roberts), his sensitive younger brother Cody (Cory Knauf) and Michelle’s goody-two-shoes sister, Megan (Christina Prousalis) suffer a ‘home invasion’ by flick-knife-happy hep cats. Vernon (Joe Egender) and his psychobilly pals are stuck in some ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ time-warp. But when they start using their own blood to daub cryptic symbols on the walls, while outlining their 60-year-old pact with The Old Hermit who lives nearby, the insanely unpredictable plot spirals skyward and burns up on re-entry.



Release details

Release date:
Friday July 22 2011
85 mins

Cast and crew

Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores
Cory Knauf
Taylor Cole
Bret Roberts
Christina Prousalis
Tiffany Shepis
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