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The Virginity Hit

  • Film
  • 3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

From condom sizing to scrotum shaving, a private rite of passage becomes a protracted public spectacle in this raunchy, pseudo-YouTube-vid teen comedy. Four high-school friends decide to celebrate the loss of each buddy's virginity with ceremonial hits from a devil-red, busty-babe-shaped bong. Three of them have earned the ritual toking, but Matt (Bennett), the meekest among them, takes longer than expected to bed his longtime girlfriend. During his dithery preparations she strays at a frat party, leaving our bespectacled colt blue-balled and heartbroken. Meanwhile the others become far too involved in Matt's mission, scheming to plot, record and upload every moment of his humiliation (caught pleasuring a hermaphroditic blow-up doll; being rejected by a principled porn star).

Cowriters-directors Botko and Gurland keep the vulgarity coming, closely following the blueprint laid out by such poop-and-pussy classics as Porky's, American Pie and Superbad, while adding the 21st-century wrinkle of viral video. Despite occasional, laughter-killing descents into outright cruelty---such as when a man-hating grad student imprisons our horny hero---and a far-too-familiar disregard for female pleasure or point-of-view, The Virginity Hit is elevated by its cast of very funny young actors who match good comic timing with relaxed spontaneity. The film doesn't quite cause a contact high, but when Matt finally seals the deal it's at least a sweet release.---Eric Hynes

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