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The Voyage Home: Star Trek IV


Time Out says

Kirk & Co return to present-day San Francisco to save the whales in the most enjoyable film of the series so far, also returning to the simplistic morality-play format that gave the original TV series its strength. The crew embark on a chase through contemporary California: Spock gets to put the Vulcan pinch on a punk, Kirk gets lost on a downtown bus, and Chekov hits the street to find a nuclear 'wessel' (in order to get enough juice for the ship, whales and water to make the jump through time). Nimoy's irreverent tone makes it more digestible than it sounds: a myth whose heart lies 20 years in the past, and whose eyes look 2,000 years into the future.

Release Details

  • Duration:119 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Leonard Nimoy
  • Screenwriter:Steve Meerson, Peter Krikes, Harve Bennett, Nicholas Meyer
  • Cast:
    • William Shatner
    • Leonard Nimoy
    • DeForest Kelley
    • James Doohan
    • George Takei
    • Walter Koenig
    • Nichelle Nichols
    • Jane Wyatt
    • Catherine Hicks
    • John Schuck
    • Brock Peters
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