The Walking Stick

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

A romantico-psychological thriller, with fine, persuasively detailed performances from Eggar as a crippled girl with a sexual chip on her shoulder, and Hemmings as the enigmatic artist who melts it, gradually persuading her to abandon the walking-stick on which she has leaned since a childhood bout with polio, but also leading her to a dark brink of crime and betrayal. Rather too stolidly directed by Till, with meticulous fidelity to Winston Graham's novel, it is reminiscent enough of Marnie (also from a novel by Graham) - here, rather than the colour red, the heroine's problem is a claustrophobic aftermath of her time in an iron lung - to make one wonder whether Hitchcock could have screwed excitement out of the situation as well as sympathetic character studies.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Eric Till
George Bluestone
David Hemmings
Samantha Eggar
Emlyn Williams
Phyllis Calvert
Ferdy Mayne
Francesca Annis
Dudley Sutton