The Way of the Dragon

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

The only film written, produced, and directed by Bruce Lee was to have been the first of a series in which he cast himself as Tan Lung, out-of-town strong-arm, here hired by the Chinese owner of a restaurant in Rome to sort out their problems with the local syndicate. The film has the roughness you might expect in a first directorial effort, and also a perhaps unexpected leaning towards comedy. Lee makes great play on his character as the country boy without weapons confronting the denizens of the technologically-powerful West and winning hands down. Fight fest addicts will relish confrontations with Chuck Norris, Robert Wall and Wang Ing Sik, professionals all.


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99 mins

Cast and crew

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Nora Miao
Chuck Norris
Wei Ping Ao
Robert Wall
Wang Ing Sik