The White Sound


Time Out says

This DV debut brings to mind Lodge Kerrigan's claustrophobic Clean, Shaven, but aims at a more expansive and improvisatory portrait of schizophrenia. Lukas (Brühl) tries hard to lead a straightforward life, initially with his sister and then with some travellers. He is beset, however, by 'white sound' and the paranoia this generates constantly threatens to overwhelm him. Uneven and occasionally too literal, the powerful, episodic narrative leaves us with Lukas facing an uncertain future, and it's to the film's credit that the closing suggestions of heightened consciousness are both feasible and possibly redemptive.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Hans Weingartner
Hans Weingartner
Daniel Brühl
Anabelle Lachatte
Patrick Joswig
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