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The Wild Thornberrys Movie

  • Film

Time Out says

Meet the Thornberrys, a wildlife-loving, oddball family who travel the world making TV documentaries. The story so far: the Thornberrys have just touched down in Nairobi where they're attempting to track a stolen cheetah cub and to film one of the rarest sights in Africa - a herd of elephants seemingly drawn to one mystical spot by an impending eclipse. Meanwhile, all manner of shenanigans begin to unfold as it becomes clear that a group of poachers is planning grand scale entrapment. The neatly told if conventional storyline benefits from snappy dialogue, vivid animation and the comic interaction between a well-rounded cast. This lot are all eminently likeable and suitably voiced throughout. A decent soundtrack rounds off a surprisingly engaging and energetic little-kids' adventure.
Written by DA
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