The Wind Blows Round

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Philippe (Toscan), a French shepherd and cheesemaker, decides to relocate his young family to a dying town in the Occitaine Alps. The villagers resent his presence, and tensions gradually reach a boil heated by xenophobia, territorial pissings and, courtesy of Philippe, a whopper of a faux pas involving the disposal of a pig carcass. Making the first film in the Occitan language, Diritti shows a tactile attunement to interiors and landscape, but the vehicle of his narrative falters in the last reel – it takes on excess baggage and then skids to an abrupt halt.



Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Giorgio Diritti
Giorgio Diritti, Fredo Valla
Thierry Toscan
Alessandra Agosti
Dario Anghilante
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