The Winner


Time Out says

At one point, casino boss Delroy Lindo says, 'Nobody likes anybody who goes too far.' Well, maybe Cox is desperate to be liked, for his story of Phillip (D'Onofrio), the holy fool who keeps hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas, stays way too close to home. The visuals are nice enough - Wizard of Oz colours beslimed by brutish '80s tack - but the characters are painfully predictable (all shysters or whores), and as if to make up for the duff gags and fortune cookie lines, a host of 'cult' faces (Whaley, Madsen) chew up the scenery.

By: CO'Su


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Alex Cox
Wendy Riss
Rebecca DeMornay
Vincent D'Onofrio
Richard Edson
Saverio Guerra
Delroy Lindo
Michael Madsen
Billy Bob Thornton
Frank Whaley
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