The Witman Boys


Time Out says

A stylish, slightly pretentious but finally effective little movie, set in 1913, about two brothers who react to their disciplinarian father's death by retreating into a shared secret world of rituals involving sex, cruelty and death. When they also become involved with a prostitute, their distaste for their mother begins to verge on pure hatred. Though the measured pace and overall glumness make the movie sometimes feel a little strained, Producer/director Szász elicits superb performances from his young leads, while the vibrant, near expressionist photography lends the proceedings the feel of a feverish dream. It's a dark tale of pain, confusion and misplaced desire, helped considerably by sensitive borrowings from the likes of Schubert and Richard Strauss on the soundtrack.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

János Szász
János Szász, Geza Csath
Alpár Fogarasi
Szaboles Gergely
Maia Morgenstein
Dominika Ostalowska
Péter Andorai
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