The Wizard of Speed and Time

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This bizarre and wacky conglomeration of sfx and fantasy slapstick is based around a fable-like tale mirroring Jittlov's own experiences: eccentric effects wiz (Jittlov) spends months touting his work around the big studios before he is finally offered a particle of air time on a high-rating TV show. The most amusing moments occur in the first quarter, as Jittlov attempts to secure the US equivalent of the Equity card. For the rest, the film labours through repeated scenes of the crew shooting in adverse conditions, lengthy car chases involving camera dollies, hired punks, and unscrupulous moguls hell-bent on disrupting the production. The effects themselves (brilliantly created through stop-motion and literally making a film studio come to life) unfortunately appear in their entirety only during the last 10 minutes.

By: DA


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Mike Jittlov
Mike Jittlov
Mike Jittlov
Richard Kaye
Paige Moore
David Conrad
Steve Brodie
John Massari
Gary Schwartz
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