The Worm Eaters


Time Out says

Fish-bait entrepreneur Herman breeds a worm that chews up fishermen, who return to dry land in ill-fitting worm suits demanding, reasonably, that Herman supply worm girls for them. Meanwhile, the crooked mayor of Subplot City and his Klan buddies plan to steal Worm Guy's land. Herman's revenge is, it goes without saying, of a worm-related nature. The producer is Ted V Mikels, the Ed Wood of this end of the market, and, perhaps due to a volunteer shortage, Herman is played by the director. Aspiring Max Bialystocks might consider adapting this for their next Broadway musical.

By: DO


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Herb Robins
Herb Robins
Herb Robins
Lindsay Armstrong Black
Robert Garrison
Joseph Sackett
Mike Garrison
Muriel Cooper
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