The Wounds


Time Out says

Kicking off in 1996 Belgrade, where the director's previous feature, Pretty VillIage, Pretty Flame, left off, this presents, if anything, a sourer version of recent Serbian history than its predecessor. Tracking back to the beginnings of the Bosnian conflict, it follows the descent of two barely adolescent boys, degraded by fighting, hunger and homelessness into a life of crime, drugtaking and lost idealism. To emphasise the tragi-farcical, writer/director Dragojevic adopts a rumbustious quasi-Kusturica style of frenetic action, broad acting and ironic musical bombast. Dedicated to the post-Tito generation.

By: WH


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Srdjan Dragojevic
Srdjan Dragojevic
Dusan Pekic
Milan Maric
Dragan Bjelogrlic
Branka Katic
Predrag Miki Manojilovic
Vesna Trivalic
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